More of the same drama and him lying and not respecting your boundaries. He throws you a few crumbs, expects credit for his minimal interest in you and you allow it. Same script. The only difference here is that you are starting to become desensitized to it. This is how people end up staying with and abuser.

Again, there is no decision to be made here. You can decide to be married to a person AFTER they show you a person that is marriage material. He is not. He continues to only think of himself and his relief in sharing that drama and getting it off his chest. He is his choosing plan B. For now..... I donít see anywhere how he cares for your experience and process.

This is all very sad to me. I wish you valued yourself more than to think this is acceptable (to even entertain his selfish drama). And you donít have to try and convince us he is a good person and this time is different. This is your life. We will care for you and try and support you anyways because thatís what friends do. But I donít think anyone is convinced of anything. I only see that your tolerance what BS continues and now you are becoming numb to it. Iím sorry. :-(


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