Good Morning DV

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Thanks DnJ. holy cr@p!!! The things we do to look good.

Oh, I know!

I ran a bush through my hair this morning.


Wait. Oh ya, surgery, incision, searing pain.

Now, don’t go pulling a stitch laughing from that comedic gold up there. Lol

In your custody agreement, I think you had something about, if one of you could not take the kids the other had right to first option to look after them. XH may be “strictly” misapplying it, however he is following the spirit of it. There are few things I would give that man props for; one is he has not weaponized the children. You two actually seem to have coparenting down pretty well.

Yes, him assuming and not asking is irritating. Feelings, they flit. Big picture, you are his first choice for coverage. That is a very good thing. Let go the feelings and roll with it. The end result is what you’d want.

Get the information from XH. Assure him that you are available with the 12 hours notice. Then go about your life. It does you no good to fret over something you cannot control and are going to agree too anyhow.

Take care DV.


Me52 XW49 S23 S22 S19 D18

Oct 8/17-BD, Moves in w/OM, Leaves Kids
Me49 W46 S20 S19 S16 D15
M26 T29
Dec 9/17-Legal Separation
Oct 3/18-W Files
Apr 6/19-Divorced

I may give up, but not today.