So for what its worth that took a lot of gumption for your H to come and say all that too you. It seems that you listened and didn't say much but you could have easily gotten up and walked away and decided it was too late to hear any of that.

I think if your H is serious about his words you will see immediate action.

Why not sit back and enjoy the show -so to speak. Just like when our WAS have to see serious continuous efforts to be different and that they truly do not believe at first that the changes are real... now its your turn to sit back and see if he seriously makes the changes and is he consistent over time?

In all honesty an A is like a drug dependency... just like a break up triggers those addiction like behaviors in the LBS. The first step is the recognition as such and that he needs to do replacement behaviors --- that's big IMO.

Take the time to sort things out - maybe you would feel better working toward M2.0 if you separated to give yourself some breathing room while he shows consistent behavior over time that he is committed to this and loving you in the future.

Bottom line May is the ball has been and continues to be in your court. You know what is best and quite frankly is proof yet again that they only tend to want to come back when you've moved on.