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Are any of you husbands whose wives walked out, especially without warning? At the moment I would like to hear those stories. Also, are any of you WAWs (or WASes)? Comparing notes would be very helpful to me.

I think my situation is pretty similar. My XW asked for a divorce out of the blue in the middle of a move across the country. We had already started building a house down south and still had our house to sell up north. In retrospect, the out of the blue was because my XW had given up on the marriage probably a couple of years prior and no longer cared enough about the marriage to invest any emotion into it.

I wasn't a bad guy, bad Dad to our daughters, or even a bad husband. I got complacent after 17 years together. I own that. Whether I "deserved" to get divorced doesn't really matter.

It was very hard. I was divorced less than three months after D-Day. There may have been another guy (her current BF--who she claims she started dating a month after the divorce). Who knows. I can't control that either.

The advice I got here didn't save my marriage, but I don't think anything could have. Once she told me she wanted a divorce, it was full steam ahead. The advice I got here helped me immensely. GAL (get a life), detach (you have little control over the sitch), and 180 (fix the things that need fixing).

My daughters are doing well. My relationship with my XW is cordial. My GF and I just had our one year anniversary. We really complement each other well. She's astonished that my XW divorced me. smile My XW is seemingly doing well also. Life is good.

harvey, can you give me some info on how you did each of the three -- GAL, detach, and fix what needs fixing? It's been a year and I have some good things happening in my life but I am not recovered from this yet.