May, if my H comes back to me crawling on his knees right now asking to reconcile, I would ask him to sign the divorce papers (with terms favorable to me) first before anything. So my advice for you is to protect your assets and custody rights before indulging your H in his wishful thinking. Please don’t go down that road again with him.

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He also talked about the MLC aspects of what had happened to him and the fears of not living the life he wants to live. He wants to work together to incorporate some of the things he felt I always prevented him from doing into M2.0. (He does have a point here, I was a b!tch about a lot of stuff.)

No. He does not have a point here. You “prevented” him from doing what? He is a grown man and needs to take responsibilities for his own failings. He f*cked up. Did he expect you to hold his hand working torward M2.0??

That was a lot of talk from your H. Words are just words.

BD: Sep 2019
H moved out: Oct 2019
3 kids under 12