I had dinner with my cousin tonight who is I Unhappily married and actually been carrying on an affair for 2 years
With a married man. Their son is 8 years old. She told me that he just always asks us to stop fighting . She said he feels the tension. He hears it when they think they are hiding it. And she knows this isnít better for him. I have a feeling he would almost be relieved eventually if they divorced, quite honestly.

Like LH said. BOTH parties need to want and commit to making it marriage 2.0. It doesnít work only when one partner does.

Please donít let his waffling change your course. It almost seems as if he wants in, you want in, if he wants out, you want out.

Youíve put every effort in. At this point you need to do whatís healthy for you, not go according to whatever he is feeling that day. You deserve better than than

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