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Tom H,

My BD was coming home to an empty house after a weekend fishing trip about a year ago. The best advice you can get is on this forum from others. There are a handful of great posters here who give great advice. I know that going NC is the way to go. Just make sure that you seek help/advice before doing any thing questionable. In my situation it was working and my W finally reached out a week ago for the first time in a long while. Unfortunately I sent her an email on our anniversary a few days later which was a bad idea. I knew better but put expectations on our previous meeting and made a mistake. Always ask here before doing anything against the DB principles.


Taz, thank you very much for this reply. Can you please tell me what the DB principles are, and whether they apply after the divorce is final, or it is hopeless to expect we get back together? Also, what does NC mean, it's not on the list of abbreviations I have.