Hi Rachel,

I believe you have all the information about what your H is doing with OW that you need. Snooping any further will not give you any more clarity on the truth. You now know the truth.

I post here to help keep families together. You are the only one that has the potential to do this. I give out advise that I believe will tilt the odds.

Repeat this to yourself multiple times every day:
"What works is counter intuitive."

It is your job now to fight your natural urges and do things based on logic. Determine before hand how you want to interact with and respond to him. Have a plan and execute the plan.

These are the wise words I have collect on this site, get a plan based off all the new knowledge you are gaining:

There are 10 threads, so it will take a while to get through.

I decided to feel the pain and deal with it rather than drinking alcohol when I was going through my sitch. I was extremely tempted, but I am glad I didn't self medicate. During this phase of the process, you can learn many new self control behaviors.

Feel and express all your emotions when it is safe. Let them out. They are normal. Just not in his presence. Project a happy confident sexy woman that does not need him.

Do things this weekend that make you happy. This time of your life is about finding happy alone.

I wish you well.


"What is best for my kids is best for me"
Amor Fati
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