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And yes, I appreciate your insight. The hardest thing was that she refused to talk. After all those years!

So you make this statement but then you kind of answer it below.
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For one, I think she was afraid I would talk over her, which was a legitimate concern of hers -- before the divorce filing.

This is more then likely why she didn't want to discuss it with you.
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Yes, I was the dominant male and no doubt that is one thing that she wanted and loved at first but rebelled against after so many years.

What is your definition of a dominant male? Why do you think she rebelled after so many years?
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The second reason she wouldn't talk -- I'm guessing here -- is that she knows she doesn't have a good answer to why she didn't try to work things out years ago; why she didn't do the decent and proper thing and get us into counseling; why she wasn't honest and open and tell me at least once that "our marriage isn't working out."

Why was it her job to get you in counseling? Odds are if she wasn't happy you weren't happy either. My guess is she gave you hints but you didn't hear her.
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So ... even though my ex won't talk now, should I try and convince her to go into therapy once the divorce is final?

For what purpose? If you do some reading you will understand what you did wrong in the marriage.

Tommy for us to help you we need to understand more the dynamic of your marriage.

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