Thank you dawn. These teenage years that have just begun are kicking my butt. Shes changed so much in the ost few months. But she still does love me, thankfully. But its a rough ride.

As far as the ex goes .he made home made meatballs and sauce and brought me some. He remembered I was looking in trader hows for something but I couldnt find it and he picked it up for me ( of course I paid him). We are thoughtful towards eachother often. Its weird and unsettling. Especially since I had a dream he proposed to me. That messed me up some more.

D12s first day of virtual school was yesterday. I feel bad for the kid. Sitting in front of a computer all day alone. Its crappy.

Tonight I attended a work event. They are back! At a very nice restaurant with beautiful outdoor seating and unlimited food and drinks. And OMG. To socialize again! It felt so wonderful! A few of us stayed later and I met some new friends who happen to be single and we are planning to get together. One kayaks and is in some clubs. Shes introducing me to them. My other coworker is single and we have talked about doing. Some singles events. Shes 55. Lots of fun though. She was the case manager for Ms mom when she was admitted. She did tell me she was there again about 6 months ago, but I was off then. Anyways. It was great to be social. I never see my friends anymore or go out so this was really really good for me. I felt alive again for a little while there.