Ive introduced my daughter to 3 guys in nearly 14 years. One 5 months in. One a few weeks in, but she had met him prior to us dating. And M I made sure to do everything right. 6 months in , gradual meeting. Making sure we both believed this was going to be a long term relationship. Only for 6 months later for him to break up with me. After telling me how much he loved me, how his mother loved me and my daughter, after his son thinking I was going to be his bonus mom.

So you never really know. I will day at 13, Im not as strict. Shes very into her own life. Meeting before I went out on a date is fine. But involving in the family life, I am hesitant . All kids are different, that is true. Some dont get attached. Some do. And my D doesnt get too attached. But she does hate when I hurt. When M and I broke up, her tears were actually for me and his son. It made her sad how much his son loved me and couldnt see me anymore. She knew how much I loved him and she thought he was very in love with me. That was hard on her.

I guess there is a different right for everyone. Its hard to even determine whats right for me anymore. Honestly, I do try to hold it off as long as I could, even if it makes dating more difficult