Today we had a long talk where he finally confirmed he is in fact sleeping with her. Said he found someone who makes him happy, yet claims they are not in a "relationship" like that. He said after he told her all the terrible things he has done (to me), she still thought he was amazing. This is how their sexual relationship began... Of course she thinks he is "amazing." this is the honeymoon phase and he didn't do all of those things to her. He is telling me they aren't in a relationship but telling OW he told me they will likely be together long term. She is saying ILY, etc. Basically, he is being a scheming liar still and being one to her also. I don't know how he thinks someone he has known 8 weeks can make him happy. And i dont know how she thinks he wont just do the same thing to her. Ugh. I NEED to detach but keep backtracking.

I will try that idea Gigi-treating him like a patient. I think it will help. I do have a couple of friends I can talk to. One of them is actually his sister.