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We are here to help and answer many questions you might have. My first question to you is as far as you know is there another man involved? Roughly 90% of the time this is the case.

I can't be certain but it appears there was no other man involved, at least up front. My ex is very traditional, an affair to her would have been a huge stretch; had I had an affair she would have filed for divorce, whether after 1 year or 32. And, while she refused to talk with me, she did send messages through two friends, during that first 60 days, that there was no other man.

However, it would not surprise me if -- during her decision process to divorce me without warning -- she had met a man who caught her fancy, and perhaps charmed her without either a date. This would have convinced her that life could be better if she left me, she perhaps could find a Prince Charming.

It's been nearly a year, it would not surprise me if she was already dating now, though. She is an attractive 60-year old who looks much younger than her years and is still slender. She will have read all the advice that recommends moving on and distracting yourself with new adventures and new relationships.