I understand about your family. My h family knew, but not mine and i was worried about his reputation, i was thinking i can ride it out and noone will know. It was the best decision to tell my mum! I dont know whT i was thinking not telling my family. If you Dont feel ready yet, do you have a friend, anyone at all you could just ring or txt to vent. Rachel its tough going on your own.

Do you still have relationship talks with him? Ask questions ? Dont, pretend you arent interested. Ok so when i had ic at the very beginning, she suggested treating him as if he is a patient, you might find him irritating, you might get angry, but you will never show and remain professional at all times. I know its difficult to do, but the more you try and the more it works.

Do you know he is an a@@еhole for cheating on you, you deserve better, your kids deserve better. I think db will be great for you To build you up! You dont need to think about saving you marriage, you need to save yourself and make sure those kids are good!
I hope you all feel better soon and please consider speaking to someone. Dont worry abiut his reputations, dont aorry about what people might think about him. If you ever recon, none of that would matter anyway and people around you will accept your choice.