Gigi, I have not told my family yet and do not intend to do so until some point in the future. Maybe if/when he gets divorce papers? I just cannot handle their questions right now and concern. it will make me more stressed out. Unfortunately, all 3 kids and I seem to have come down with something and are sick so I wont be getting help this week, but thank God for tv! smile Thank you for your post. It is amazing to me how much words from someone I don't know can help me feel heard.

I blocked him on facebook so he cannot message me for now. Of course he can still phone. But I was in the habit of checking when he was active on fb, and it just wasn't helping me. He was only admitting "yes I kissed her" because that is the only proof I showed him. He didnt admit anything beyond that. I messaged and told him when he is ready to tell the truth, let me know. Then I blocked him. Yes I realize that is probably terrible DBing.

One thing I was thinking about-he has cheated a few times. We have been married almost 9 years. He started this relationship with the girl only 2 weeks after moving out. He seems to be unable to be alone. I wasn't making him feel wanted/loved, made him feel like he was a POS (because he was treating me like crap and I wasn't putting up with it), so he found someone to make him feel wanted. He has carried on other EA in the past and the revolving theme is that he just needs the attention, validation, etc. I get that it is nice to feel wanted, but really??

Side note-I know this girl doesn't know the real him and she is fooling herself if she thinks she can carry on a relationship with him for long. She has 3 kids also and no way in heck can he support her 3 kids and my 3 kids. I know if the relationship continues she will see how he actually is. Anyway, I'm just rambling.