Thanks! Iím having some improvement thank god. Small
Improvement , but at least itís not getting worse. Last night I finally slept and I could have honestly slept for another 4 hours at least. Itís been a. Really rough go.

So, weirdness is happening yet again in my life. My D goes back to her dads Saturday night and he asked me to bring her because he has this wine he really wants me to try. Um, ok? So I agree. He brings it up again today and says I really canít wait for you to try this wine, itís so good. Then tonight he calls about something and asks me if I have plans after I drop her off. I said no and he asked me to stay and watch a movie outside on his new movie projector while I enjoy the wine?

Ummm, is my ex trying to date me? Is he trying to get me to have some kinky 3 way with him and his wife? Because Iím not into that.l
Why does he want to hang out with me so much? Oh, and we are taking D horseback riding for her birthday and he said something about not being over 225lbs to ride the horse. I said ďare you asking me if Iím 225lb, because Iím not there yet!Ē ( I said this as a joke) and he said ď youíll never be 225Ē.

This is all weird. Has me unsettled again. His wife has been talking to me a lot lately, but also seems as if she is stirring the pot a little with what she has to say in regards to his sister. And now my ex wants me to stay and drink wine and watch movies?

Is this odd to anyone else?

I can deal with being the single crazy cat lady as I have taken myself off all dating sites ready to live the life of singledom. But I donít think I can deal with being my ex husbands and his wifeís , who was his affair partner , third wheel.

Seriously. This wasnít supposed to be my life