Totally get where you are coming from Dawn. I think you would have to know me and my kids to get it. They have a great relationship with their dad. They aren’t looking for a replacement. They are also 12 and quite independent. As long as they get mom time and they know I am happy, they are just fine. I dated Jack for a year. They liked him. When I told them we were breaking up, it barely registered and they saw him a lot. They just wanted to make sure I was okay and when they saw that I was, they went on with their lives. They are very securely attached to having many people in their lives. They are a lot like me.

In terms of me trusting TDH... I just do. I’ve seen him in his home environment. Met some people in his life. I’ve watched him carefully. He is someone who is comfortable in his own skin and honestly just loves people. Yesterday, he called a wrong number trying to get a hold of his friend and had a five minute conversation with the person on the other end. He is just so d@mn nice. Genuinely. When you are around someone like that, you just know it. Last night, fish tacos for two turned into fish tacos for six as my MIL, SD20, my twin and BIL came over as well. BIL is the least trusting person I know and he got on super well with TDH. I bought a new tv and the two of them installed it for me while chatting like they’d known each other for years. TDH’s friend also came over for a beer on his way to the ferry. This is someone TDH has known for 20 years. He owns a bunch of pizza franchises on the island and literally lives a block away from me. He is married with two kids around the same age as TDH’s. I liked him immediately. A genuinely nice friendly guy whose energy you could pick up on the second he walked through the door. He clearly thinks the world of TDH and vice versa.

So...yes...I get that I am breaking a bunch of rules. But I just know it is going to turn out fine. He and I have been talking for two months now. We’ve covered so many topics. I know way more about him than I did Jack who I dated for a year. He looks at me like I hung the moon. The things he says he likes about me are the things I like about me that past partners/boyfriends haven’t even mentioned. I feel like he sees me. Neither of us have done the long distance thing before. We talked about it last night a lot. We’re not unaware how risky this looks to other people but we’re committed to giving it a shot. Will it end up with one or both of us getting hurt? Possibly. But if you don’t take risks, how do you ever get any rewards? Anyway...I know the only thing I am missing here is time and that will take care of itself.

Great day planned today. We got invited to my friends’ at the lake. Gonna leaves a bit early so I can show him around my hometown and where I grew up. He keeps asking me where I came from so may as well answer that (((HUGS))) to all. smile

Me 51
H 46
B/G Twins 11
Legal SA - January 2019
Divorce filed - June 2019
Divorce final - November 2019

Together 14 years
Married 12 years
BD1 - May 2014
BD2 - September 14, 2018