Wow....I'm not even sure what to say, DV. And, I'm not sure anything I do say would be overly well-received. While I respect that you are a grown woman who can make your own choices and you consider yourself a risk taker, it seriously concerns me that you would just open your home AND involve your children. It would be one thing to open your home if it was just you and I probably would just say be careful, but when kids are involved, that opens up a whole other can of worms.

I'm sorry if this sounds terrible because I do really want you to be happy and find love, but I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope like h3ll that I'm wrong and I may well be, but this all seems to be moving at the pace of a freight train running off the track.

Me 50, H52
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
5 adult (step)daughters (3 from XH's first marriage, 2 from current H's previous relationships)
4 grandkids (plus 2 on the way)