I went to the dermatologist today and she took one look at me and was horrified. She said this is indeed not normal and especially for this long and I shouldnít be suffering so much. She was indeed a little baffled. She does think it might be multiple reactions to multiple poisons. But what stumps her and me and how itís getting worse and not better after all the steroids Iíve been jacked up woth. She took cultures and 2 biopsies and is putting a rush on everything . In the meantime, I need to take a bleach bath Every night to kill any bacteria there might be. She game me vistaril to know I me out and help the itching.

I swear, I havenít been complaining about some run of the mill poison ivy. I am a tough chick and not much takes me out. This has really given me a run for my money. Iím not sleeping, Iím not concentrating, I canít do much of anything, but still have to do everything . Iím struggling. Itís too hot to keep my arms covered, so when Iím in public people look at me horrified too. Thatís not easy either .

In good news, I had some interesting delightful patients today. I really do love talking to them and helping them when they arenít angry, lol. My coworkers are amazingly supportive, they know Iím not feeling well and help me keep my spirits up.

I only have Saturday off and work Sunday and Monday, but thatís ok. Iíd was invited to a party Sunday, but work.

Iím really trying to keep my head up through all of this. Itís not easy. But thankfully, I still have a sense of humor even through my tears.