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Also scary because the more I get to know him, the more I like him and that brings up some uncomfortable feelings of vulnerability.

Yep, allowing someone to get close, opens one up to being vulnerable. Those feelings are a good sign that your walls are lowered and you can extend trust.

For what itís worth, you are proceeding fearlessly. Fearless does not mean reckless. You are cautious and not fearfully paralyzed so as unable to act. A good place to be, IMO.

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Anyway...I know there are a lot of skeptics among you but the more he and I talk, the better I feel about where things are at with us.

Everyone is both skeptic and cheerleader. People can see the risks, and no one is wishing for failure.

I think it was your own inner skeptic that this was more written for. You are wise and can see the risks. And strong so to accept them and see where things go. A little skepticism is a good thing; keeps you a bit grounded as you are being lifted up.

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I'm happy. smile

Glad to hear it. Thatís kind of the goal, ainít it?

Fearlessly forward.


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I may give up, but not today.