I suppose he could take her out, but he can't put her carseat in his car and would have to take my van, leaving me here at the house. He is supposed to be with them the whole weekend so i don't think he would settle for less. So it's either I find something to do for the whole weekend or I let him take my van and do whatever (aka spend lots of $), or I hang out at home while he is here.
Maybe it was dumb of me to suggest doing birthday things for her together. I may try to leave for 1 of the nights and go stay at a friend's and just do my daughter's gifts, etc together. I shouldn't really be moving things around to cater to him anyway-he is the one who said he would have them just every other weekend so that is his own fault that he won't be here Monday on her birthday. He has talked about doing birthdays together in the future, but I dont know if I am at that point yet.

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