This coming Monday is my youngest daughter's 3rd birthday. This weekend is also supposed to be my husband's second weekend with the kids. The informal agreement is that he has them every other weekend and can see them on some in between times when we agree upon it. On his last weekend, I went out of town and left them alone. I can't afford to do that again so I am going to stay here at the house while he is here (he does not have an apartment yet and has been living with a friend). Since DD birthday is Monday, I suggested we do some of her birthday things this weekend so he can be involved.

I can handle being around him as long as he is being civil, but I have a REALLY hard time not feeling sick when I see him on his phone. I just imagine him messaging the girl he is talking to and have to force myself to not check his phone. Any advice on dealing with that this weekend? I know I need to not bring her up and pretend she does not exist. He still claims it is a friendship and nothing beyond. She also has 3 children and I am not sure whether she has been married before. They met because she was dating one of his friends a few months ago.

He is making little effort to contact the kids throughout the week. He promised in the beginning to call every night at bedtime and talk to them, but has only done that a handful of times. It makes me so angry as they just don't understand why he isn't here. It has gotten so bad that my youngest told me she "doesn't have a daddy anymore." The only time he mentions coming to see them during the week is if I bring up that he has barely spoken to them. At this point, I usually just tell him no, that he can wait for his weekend to see them. When he is here all he seems to do is turn on the tv anyway. I think half the reason I want to resolve this asap is just so they can stop hurting and being confused.

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