I decided to take the day off. Iím so sick of feeling guilt about how others will be affected if I take care of myself.

I have a very slight improvement today. Still itchy but it doesnít look as horrendous. I was looking like something it of a horror film.

Oh ovrrbrow, I am so sorry you had to experience this as well. I keep saying I would wish this on my worst enemy, but I actually would because it would teach them a lesson for sure .

Iíll go back to work tomorrow. I just needed that one more day off. Iíve got a lot to do for this party anyways.

Sunday I may take myself to the beach and enjoy a nice saltwater dip. I donít want to wear a bathing suit thought, I know a one piece wonít be good for it, but a two piece and I might scare the sh!t out of people. Hey, at least they will stay socially distanced and wonít want to catch my cooties!