I had the very same discussion with my class about clock faces last semester. During our labs on mitosis, meiosis, and genetics, we talk about inherited diseases and diseases that are caused specifically by gene mutation. I even give them a list of diseases to select one to research, then we have a roundtable discussion about that disease, causes, symptoms and we even discuss whether a viable treatment option either exists now or will in their lifetime (supposition, but gives me insight into how their brains work and what really matters to them). I use a Nova science program that I found a few years ago about Alzheimer's and it gives a great explanation about the causes and actually ties right into my lesson on mitosis and meiosis. There is a part in the program where they show a woman meeting with her doctor and one of the things he does when he is going through some tests with her is has her draw a clock and correctly label it. Much like you described above, it is clearly not what most of us would draw. When that part came up on the video and we discussed it, one kid said he didn't know how to tell time on those and a discussion ensued about how that might affect that particular test when people his age are older. It was a very organic and interesting discussion. It had never even occurred to me.

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