Yeah... My timeline was different too. Of course, XH was a ghost for about three years before BD so I feel like Iíve been on my own for almost six years now. Completely 100% over it. When I see him, I feel nothing...just think...thereís someone I used to love. I will always care about him, he is my kidsí dad, but thatís it. Such a blessing to genuinely feel that way and not be trying to convince myself. Free at last!!!

Brief will appreciate this KML and Ginger. TDH called me today. Misses me. Says he knows it is his turn to come and see me so he is hoping either this coming weekend or the next one. He just has to work it out with his XW in terms of his kids.

So...hopefully it will happen this time. He seems motivated, thatís for sure. I told him it might be a good idea to not be ENTIRELY honest with his kids about where he is going. Having a ďno lieĒ household doesnít mean you tell your kids everything if it doesnít directly impact them...especially if you know one of them wonít likely handle it well. Lesson learned I think.

Anyway...our phone conversations have shifted a bit since our meeting. There is definitely more of a realistic, letís get to know each other really well, kind of tone as opposed to the super flirty calls before. Not that there isnít some flirting but it feels a lot more real and comfortable.

SD20 says next time he calls, she wants to talk to him. Heíll love that, Iím sure. This should be

Me 51
H 46
B/G Twins 11
Legal SA - January 2019
Divorce filed - June 2019
Divorce final - November 2019

Together 14 years
Married 12 years
BD1 - May 2014
BD2 - September 14, 2018