DV - ok, so we're in the five year window. being on the other side of that window, i kind of see it as a line of demarcation. There's all the yuck 0-5 and only a little yuck now, and if I'd been told the truth in real time there would very likely be a whole lot less yuck now and greater peace.

My point being - not so new that you're the rebound, but also not so far off that the longing for partnership can be super strong.

I'm glad you're taking it little by slow. Looks promising.

As for me, don't worry my friend. I'm already heaps better than I was even two days ago. Looking forward to EMDR in a week. Putting trauma to rest is a good thing.


M 20+ T25+
S 15.5 (BD)
BD 4/6/15
H moved out 4/24/15
D Final 12/23/16

One, Two, Three, Give it to God