Iím glad he met your expectations. Something remains fishy to me too, but I guess time will tell and I hope I am wrong. I really do.

You met once and have been talking a month and are already talking committed LTR. Iíd tread very lightly woth that one. But hey, maybe thatís been my problem all along. Treading lightly . I guess Iíve been so exposed to the realities that I couldnít see or think, or trust relationships woth someone I just met. Or I couldnít trust someone who wanted that without REALLY knowing me.

Maybe itís good that you still have some rosy glasses on. I miss mine sometimes, lol.

Just be careful. Please. First it was his drunk friends. Then an ex GF heís hanging out with texting from his phone what he did ...... all sounds really fishy and very high risk.

But I know you are diving in head first. And Iím going to wish you all the best