Core... I think it is good you still have a fondness for your W. Despite everything, I, too, feel like I have a fondness for my XH too... I donít love him the way I used to. That ship has sailed and is barely visible on the horizon. But I do genuinely want him to have a decent life and I think that is a good thing. Particularly for our kids who need to know that I donít hate their dad. Frees them up to love him and anyone else associated with his new life.

Keep moving forward. A year from now you will look back and be glad that you did. (((HUGS)))

Me 53
H 48
B/G Twins 13
SD 21
Legal SA - January 2019
Divorce filed - June 2019
Divorce final - November 2019

Together 14 years
Married 12 years
BD1 - May 2014
BD2 - September 14, 2018