I went on a weekend trip and it was good to get away. Have not spoken to my husband much and haven't initiated much at all. He did fill out an application for an apartment, which I discovered because it alerted me there was a hard hit on his credit report (I handle all the finances). He said it was too expensive & he is looking into other options. Today he asked me how we will split up the bank accounts, what we should do. I told him that is to be decided in court and is not something we really need to do now.

To my knowledge, he has not filed for divorce. He is kind of lazy and I feel like it will take him a while to start the actual process.
I don;t know how to act around him when he asks things like this. Just act casual and normal and divide our assets?

He locked his keys in his truck yesterday and asked me to drive an hour to bring his spare set. I did not and his mom had to bring them instead. Things like this annoy me. He can treat me like crap and then still expect me to bail him out. smirk Today he mentioned that we have been treating each other better the last week or 2, so I guess that is a good thing. When he mentioned dividing our bank accounts, I really wanted to beg him to come back home and try, but I left the house instead.

I am sure all of this sounds like rambling. Thanks for listening.