I'm glad that it all worked out and that you had a great time. I'm glad he met your expectations. I stand by the comments I made in my post, but I'm still glad that it went the way you hoped and expected and I hope it continues in that same vein.

As for your most recent post above, you are absolutely right about all of those things. We all come here to "work through" things and we get advice, some that we agree with and some that we don't. We are all unique individuals who come to the table, so to speak, with different circumstances and different experiences. And, yes, we offer advice and opinions based on one VERY small snippet of the entire picture. It is quite easy to write things here and color them the way we want the advice to slant. I'm not saying that is what you or anyone else is intentionally doing, but when we tell a story, we tend to tell it in its best light.

I don't think anyone comes here to day things in a mean-spirited way or to be ugly. I think it is hard to gauge actual emotion via text and so sometimes things come across as being harsh when they likely weren't intended that way.

You say you are someone who gives the benefit of the doubt, but doesn't do it blindly. I can respect and appreciate that. Years of being jerked around by people has taught me to be the exact opposite, so I admire that ability in others. The one thing you said that I do disagree with is that you said you don't do it blindly. I think we ALL give people the benefit of the doubt blindly to a certain degree. I'm not even necessarily talking about in the case of TDH, but sometimes we give people the benefit of the doubt based on what they say then find out later that what they said wasn't totally truthful. I have done it myself, more times than I care to count. And, I think that blind faith is actually just a part of developing a relationship. You say you are a risk taker and again, I applaud that because it is so opposite from my own experience, but I think you can't be a risk taker without having a certain bit of blind faith in people. All of that is supposed to be a good thing, a positive nod to you and who you are, in case I didn't make that clear. I admire people like you and wish sometimes I could be more like that. And then sometimes, I am happy that I am the skeptic that I am and am quicker to disbelieve someone than believe them. It has saved my a$$ more than once.

Anyway, good for you that you DID have a little blind faith and jumped in with both feet and he turned out to be "as advertised". I'll still say proceed with caution and I'd darn sure watch that Cheryl chick, but have fun.

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