The deed is done.

D is finalized.

My parents were present to offer support. Hers too. She cried when D was announced by the judge. I managed to keep myself composed at all times.

Outside the court, I said my farewells again to her parents. To her, I said the 5 things my counselor suggested I should say for my closure: "I am angry", "I am sorry", "I will miss you from time to time", "thank you", and finally "goodbye".

It's strange how normal it seemed afterwards. After the court, I went to get brunch with my parents, then went grocery shopping, and took a well deserved nap as I got home. Like the D never even happened. Strange. Life goes on, as they say.

I am feeling fine at the moment. There is a sense of relief. A sense of sadness. I'll see how I'll feel later and in a couple of days. I know the wound is there. It's not hurting much, but I'll pace myself. Taking it one day at a time.

I'm gonna remove her from all my SM accounts and I'm going to burn her old pictures tomorrow.

I am proud of myself with how I handled everything. I never begged. I never ugly cry. I never did anything out of bitterness and spite. It was a peaceful D.

I wanna talk more, but I want to rest. I have a meeting with a friend later for hi-tea.

M: 28
W: 30
T: 2 years
Married: Nov 2019
BD: 5 days after wedding (I know right?)