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funbun, the one thing I'm so glad I learned in my sitch was to not sit and wait for anyone. Your STBXW knows she could snap her fingers at any time and have you back. That is called power. And you've done nothing in all this time to take her power away. Attraction for women begins with respect. Until you start commanding respect not only won't you attract her, but you'll never attract another woman either...

Steve, it was a game of attraction all along wasn't it. I knew it was, but I didn't understand.

I understand better now.

My game plan on D-day is to be respectful to everyone, handle things gracefully, and uphold my boundaries if needed. I can get sad, it is a difficult time after all, but I'll make sure to stay classy. To me, this is an attractive way to end things.

Who is this attraction for? STBXW? Maybe. Or maybe to potential future partners, when I tell this story to them. That I am a man that handled his divorce gracefully. That sounds nice to me.

M: 28
W: 30
T: 2 years
Married: Nov 2019
BD: 5 days after wedding (I know right?)