STBXW sent a long text talking about she has reasons for ending the marriage, it takes two to proceed into a marriage that came from a relationship that clearly wasnt working, how at least she was man enough to admit her mistake from the beginning and then apologizing for not being brave enough to cut off the engagement and the wedding and then go on saying that now she is brave enough to own up to her mistake.

The difference between us is while she believes this relationship is not worth saving. I believe in the fact that relationship takes work to make it work and I saw our relationship as something workable. While she gave up.

I was about to respond with a long text of my own, but then I figured I should just tell her in person rather than through text. It was a long overdue talk, she has things she wanted to clarify and I too. I asked if she want to meet up and talk. She accepts.

We will meet up in two hours.

God, this is a bad idea isnt it. But I have to have this talk. God. This might be a bad idea. My game plan is to listen to her, validate when I can, tell her my side of things, hold up my boundaries if she oversteps, and leave if its too gets bad.

I know this can turn out bad. I need to tamper my expectations. I need to be careful.

M: 28
W: 30
T: 2 years
Married: Nov 2019
BD: 5 days after wedding (I know right?)