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Looking back, Im SO glad I didnt fall for her manipulation. She knew I was hurting and played on my emotions to try and get money out of me. Evil.

Thank you for sharing me your story Thornton. I doubt myself sometimes. It hard for me to tell whether I am doing the right thing. Having you and Steve point out that this is manipulation is validating. I am learning to identify manipulation and learning to stand up for myself.

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Funbun, how is GAL coming? Have you met any new women? If not, why not? Why aren't you living your best life and leaving this woman in the dust? Seriously consider blocking her EVERYWHERE now that the papers are signed. You tell whomever you want about whatever you want whenever you want.

You got those Fun! You are going to be awesome moving forward!!!

I was GAL-ing pretty well before STBXW reached out to me. I am currently taking things slowly, making sure I manage my emotions and trying not to fall into a state of despair. I was feeling pretty down yesterday and took a day off from work, went and saw a new IC, had a haircut, met with a friend. I am feeling much calmer now.

I am comfortable around women and decent looking. So, I don't think I will have a lot of problems when it comes to attracting another woman. However, I am not actively looking for a new relationship right now. That would be disrespectful to my marriage and will not look good on my part.

I will take things slow. Go through the healing process before finding a good woman. I will fix my abandonment and anxiety issues, and learn to enjoy being alone. For the next serious relationship that I will have, I will do it right and apply what I've learned during this time.

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I have seen some examples of evil spouses. I do not believe yours is. I could be wrong. Who cares??? You are able to break all ties with this woman. Be extremely grateful that you do not have children with this woman and have to deal with that.

I do not think she is evil. Selfish, yes. Misguided, yes. What's important is the woman she is now is poison to me and I cannot be with such a person.

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Do not put another woman on a pedestal. They are just ordinary people.

What I am also beginning to realize is that the woman that I love is not the same woman that STBXW is currently. I love who she was before: this affectionate, charming, strong and funny person. I mourn not for STBXW, but for the fact that I am losing the woman that I love, that is no longer here or perhaps never even existed.

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