I have normally been the one doing most of the parenting-I have been homeschooling since my eldest (now 8) was in Kindergarten and I also take care of 99 percent of household tasks and clean houses part time. I only bring in a few hundred a month from that, so it is not enough to hire help. But I do have a good support system in place with our families. His parents know somewhat what is going on and are extremely supportive of me and ready to help in any way they can. We are still sharing an income since he just moved out a month ago and I have always been the one to control the finances, so he wouldn't even know how to log into our bank accounts. He did inquire about our finances today because he is looking into getting an apartment in the near future.

I really just can't believe it is over. But can't bring myself to back off/stop fighting completely when we see each other. This is really hard.