Thank you for the responses. I do know he is speaking to someone else, but claims it is innocent and that she has been through something similar recently and they "get along." We have been through him cheating before so it would not surprise me. In the past I said if it happened again, it would be a deal breaker but I honestly don't know if that is true. That sounds terrible when I say it aloud/type it. I have been doing my best to stop tracking him via our joint google acounts/bank accounts, etc but it is hard. I am also really hurting seeing our kids confused and hurting with him being gone. They just dont understand what is going on (they are 3, 6, 8 years old). He has proposed a possible custody plan-where he has the kids every other weekend and will see them sometimes in between when we agree on it. What should I do in the interim? Do I just leave when he has them on "his weekend?" (at our house) Do I let him come at in between times/do I just leave and give him space when that happens. Really having a hard time keeping my shi* together for my kids.