I have been married to my H for almost 9 years (together for a couple of years before that) and we have 3 kids together. We have had a rocky relationship and I have asked him to go to counseling over the last few months especially but he thinks it is pointless. 4 weeks ago we had an argument that ended in him leaving, saying he wants a divorce. Since then he has been back a handful of times to see the kids. At first I was doing all the begging, pleading, etc. but have laid off in the last 2 weeks and do not initiate contact. I also have not asked anything else about the marriage or his life. It has been very difficult because I work part time and homeschool and am the one taking care of the 3 kids while his out doing who knows what. Then he gets to pop in and be the "fun parent" and play with them. He has not started divorce paperwork, but has been saying he will for weeks. I have read the book and am familiar with the 180. Any further advice would be great!