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FB, the advice given by the others is spot on. Your W is being honest with you and you have no kids. I don't see why you won't just end this and move forward.

Your W is not really a WAW. She said she should have ended the R a long time ago. My guess is she went forward with the marriage probably because of family pressure or to avoid disappointing her family. On paper you likely checked all the boxes especially if religion was an important criteria for the families but she had lost attraction for you a long time ago and she was in denial convincing herself that things would be good after the marriage. During the honeymoon she probably realized her mistake. She is doing you a favor by being honest now instead of stringing you along for longer.

Yes, it hurts but the pain of D will be larger the longer you are married. IMHO move forward and let her do the same.


I appreciate you responding to my posts.

I acknowledge the points that you are making.

As I stated in my posts previously, there are no more work to be done in regards to saving my M. I am currently working on myself, chiefly, my anxious attachment issues. My anxious attachment is making it hard for me to move on and be in a healthier frame of mind. I am in the process of addressing that.

My inquiry was regarding managing obsessive thoughts about my STBXW.

Despite how I sound in my last post, I am doing fine, still maintaining GAL and that has helped me a lot. I need guidance in the finer details of this process. Namely, the thought patterns that I should adopt.

M: 28
W: 30
T: 2 years
Married: Nov 2019
BD: 5 days after wedding (I know right?)