Stbx had to put our dog down Friday. D17, who hasn't seen him in over a year, went with him. She refused to look at his face and hated seeing him. She remembers him calling her a little beotch not that long ago. She said he kept saying he's sorry and honestly I'm not sure what for. On the way back from the vet both girls were sobbing and he's trying to reach D17 by making small talk. She was livid. Her dog just died and he's making it all about him.

Later he sent S19 a picture of the dog, not dead just a picture. S19 showed it to me and asked "why did he do this?" Again the only answer I have is that he's making this about him. S19 said it was a banner day for stbx. He got rid of one of the pets he no longer wants and he got to see D17. Win/win.

D17 said he's totally gray headed and that even his arm hair is gray now. Weird. Stress?? He looked great last July.

BTW My support hearing is in 6 days.