The hope you have, and your predator instinct are reading things into her words that are not there. When I hear her say "I still have no feelings for you and your have done nothing." What I hear is "I still have no feelings for you and and there is nothing you can do."

At this point I'd view everything she's says through the lens of her being selfish and lazy. "I want a D and I want you to do all the work!" I even see her implying there is something you can do as manipulation. "Make what I want happen (the D) and maybe I'll like you."

The best thing you can do is let her go. This is the road she chose, not you. If she wants a D then she should be doing the work and not trying to manipulate you into doing it.

funbun, every time you have an interaction with her it sets you back. Next week, outside of the hearing, avoid her like the plague!!

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