Option #1 - Honey - You could call your ex-H and tell him you miss D14, so it would mean the world to you if he dropped D14 off when he left overnight. I recall many times while you maintained NC, Ex-H tried to do nice things for you. Guilt? I get you hate the idea of interacting with him, but it's for D14, not for you.

I can go get D14 anytime I want without talking to him the issue is SHE would rather stay at home. She's on a bad path and there isn't much I can do to stop it other than being here for her. CPS has way bigger things to deal with and the judge will side with D14 (almost 15). Even if I got custody she'd hate me for it. Right now she's talking to me about the bad stuff and I'd rather have that then to have her shut me out too.