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So for wife to act like I'm not usually involved...ugh. Wife tends to overextend herself when it comes to the kids and I am the one that bails her out, but if its all about the kids, then its completely different, right?

Was that pre-incarceration? Presumably, while you were imprisoned, your wife figured out how to make it without you bailing her out--whether that meant becoming more self-reliant or making new allies.

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I just said, "sure, whatever you need". But I had some second thoughts later that maybe I was too accommodating.

It sounds passive. If one of your 180s is to prioritize your kids, why are you doing "whatever [your wife] needs"--anything from 0% staying out of the way or being ordered around all night to create her vision? It sounds like you could take or leave preparing for your kids' at-home prom. You say you love doing things for your kids and used to be an active participant. Is there something you could "own" to show your kids dad's back without stepping on her toes? E.g., a backdrop matching her theme, while still helping your wife?

Are any single dads coming? You can't control your wife, but curious about the landscape.

PS - Do check COVID rates in your state--are a higher percentage of people testing positive? If so, consider if there are any safety precautions you could take to protect your family and guests.