I completely agree with dropping video games. It was a way to shut down my brain but also an escape. My wife's obsession is TV. She freely admits that it is how she decompresses, whereas just watching TV let's my brain wander.

Nevertheless, I no longer want to escape and now take every moment that I can to sit in the same room with my girls as well as helping them with any other activity. However, I have noticed that my wife makes herself scarce during sentimental parts of shows. I think it shows that she still has feelings, but then again is it kinda like passive pursuit. So, I've been gently nudging the nightly TV ritual to focus more on superheroes, sci-fi, etc when I'm there and leaving them to watch heavy Grey's Anatomy drama when I go to bed.

Also, and this feels weird and even weirder as I type it, I actually get almost embarrassed an anxious watching sex scenes with my wife around. It's a little uncomfortable with my girls, but its TV-PG stuff, so its much less physical and much more emotional. With my wife in the same room, I have to concentrate not to squirm.