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LH, I think it is approaching impossible to say someone respects you even if they cheat on you. Just my opinion.

I agree with you that's its tough but not impossible. You have never hid the fact on the board that you and your W have had affairs. Would you say you respect one another?

During the EAs, I would say no. For me my lack of respect was certainly pent up frustrations resulting in resentment. And I think the same for her. Her actions during her EA at the end of 2017 definitely showed a lack of respect since she was not willing to end it even after I discovered it and confronted. I certainly think that a WAS can still respect their LBS, but I think that a WS always has a lack of respect for the LBS.

interesting how mindsets work. I would never say i was resentful for long, but just before EA1 it did cross my mind to end it with the WW. I had gone though 6 weeks of her barely noticing me and just sitting on her phone every night. Now i know her mind was elsewhere. I think it was the holiday in Majorca that kind of got us temporarily back on track ( and she wasnt messaging / at work EA1) However, i never in all them 6 weeks or on previous occassions of her threats / emotional blackmails once felt the need to look elsewhere. My mindset just never functioned that way, yet hers obviosuly did.

Previous username - Helpme123.. A name chosen at a desperate time..

Now Mr Brightside.. coming out of my cage, and doing just fine.