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MrBrside you are becoming one of my favorite posters.

thanks - we are both very to the point lol.. Not sure Curtis would agree with you though lol smile

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To answer your question I think the two can be exclusive. I think you can resent someone and still respect them. I would argue in my case that my ex wife resented/resents me but still respected/respects me.

Interesting - hence the reason i bumped my post. I know my WW resents me - but again, she has mentioned the Respect word on 2 occassions - yet she cheated.. so its a tricky one.

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I think resentment can be enough to cause them to cheat. When resentment builds and you are dealing with a conflict avoidant divorce is usually the outcome. Resentment is the most toxic of all emotions to an intimate relationship.

Agree.. i suppose another way to look at it is like your annual pay review. The boss does not give you what you wanted / you feel you deserve - I often use the Y in the road reference - you can go left and get a new job, or you suck it up and carry on working - hopefully getting the reward / rise next year. I don't think going left and getting a new job means you don't respect the boss - you are just frustrated / resentfull you didn't get the pay rise - hence ( and most likely on a whim / frustration ) you look elsewhere. Is that much different that cheating.

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Because he was alone all day when he came home he wanted to talk to somebody. Well because she was an introvert she wanted to be left alone to recharge after working all day. She resented him for wanting to talk after work. Sounds crazy right?

My Ex just wanted to be left alone with a phone all night after looking after the childrenin the day - "to switch off" as she put it - i know how the surveyor felt lol. ironically, after years of just wanting to "switch off" once the WW mindset started she found the energy to stay out 5 nights a week leaving me with the children while she saw OM - even crazier !

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