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- I left the boards just based on your reply - it felt indifferent to me and hurt me in that I felt blown off. And right now I am going thru a world of hurt and pain that is unbearable - so this just sent me right off the edge, if I could not find support here, the only place there really is. I am in a very bad place and will apologize upfront if I am being too sensitive.

Why do you say in the grand scheme it doesn't matter? .... What does right now then?
I just felt really hopeless after reading your reply. Like this relationship is just doomed and that was just the way it would be.

MS I am sorry that my post sent you off the boards that was not my attention. I tend to be a straight shooter in my posts while trying to show compassion because I have been through the pain myself. Some people don't like my style while others appreciate my honesty. I don't think your situation is hopeless in fact none of these situations are hopeless. I am true believer that time and space are the only thing that turns these around in the long term and most people don't have the patience and the discipline to wait it out. So it is my opinion that the little nuisances that you were talking about will not effect your situation in any way so do what feels comfortable to you.

Again I apologize and I will not post on your thread anymore.

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�Happiness equals reality minus expectations�- Magliozzi