scout ~ I don't know if I've posted on your thread before. You are an incredibly strong person for how you deal with a toxic situation.

My situation is not the same as yours, but it does involve that magical "A" word and all the emotions that get stirred up with kids involved.

OwnIt had great advice -- please consider focusing on de-escalation. These interactions are only fueling the negativity and your H is behaving erratically. He is hooking you back in by getting you to engage in these prolonged back-and-forth's. It only takes one person to exit the vortex of negativity.

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Oh my goodness, XH has emailed my lawyer accusing her of lying in some previous correspondence. I truly thought that having all correspondence go through my lawyer would force him to behave out of respect for her profession. I am shocked at the audacity. She has drafted correspondence in response asking him to refrain from making false accusations against her office. Is this normal behaviour during divorce proceedings? He must be self-representing because no legal counsel would allow him to act the way he has.
I've followed your situation for awhile, and honestly I am not shocked at all by this. It seems pretty consistent with how your H has been behaving.