Hello scout

Thank you for sharing. Things do sound stressful with Hs behaviour and all the legal stuff. There is a lot happening. (((scout)))

I do recognize and empathize with your fears about retaliation. To be overwhelmed with all this. Its normal, and quite temporary, it will flit away - in time.

I am willing to share my experiences, and discuss anything youd like.

And I agree with the posts from the wise gals; they have given really good advice.

You are doing well my dear.

You have value and worth, dont ever tell yourself different!


Me52 XW49 S23 S22 S19 D18

Oct 8/17-BD, Moves in w/OM, Leaves Kids
Me49 W46 S20 S19 S16 D15
M26 T29
Dec 9/17-Legal Separation
Oct 3/18-W Files
Apr 6/19-Divorced

I may give up, but not today.