I agree with Own It, let your lawyer handle it. 14 days to refinance the car sounds fine. Make him get it done while he still has a job!

Why does it bother me? Because he just assumes that Iíll bend my schedule around his. Why does that bother me? Because it shows he still feels entitled to favours from me. Why does that bother me? Because I do feel an immediate discomfort in not accommodating him. Why do I feel that way? Because I donít feel comfortable saying no. Why not? Because I tie peopleís approval of me to my self-worth. Why? Because my husband made me feel unreasonable for having any expectations of him. Because my pain was mocked and dismissed by my swimming coach when I was a teen. Because my father was emotionally unavailable and physically distant when I was a child. It boils down to a terrible fear of asserting my needs and sharing my emotions.

You got it, girlfriend! And itís time to start standing up for that teenage girl. Defend her!