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Trials and tribulations of dating 3

Probably an appropriate title. Because this really is all new to me.

Deja, KML, LH, , and bttfly , you are all right. Everything has been very appropriate so far. Neither of us are seeing anyone else so not much changes with the ďtitleĒ . Iím happy to be his girlfriend.

I usually date guys who are uncomfortable with that. Have so much baggage , are j sure of what they want and are easily scared. E Is divorced, very cordially, no hard feelings and no soft feelings either. They are over and done romantically, not bitter towards each other and raise their kids very well together. He has hobbies. He likes to be partnered. He likes to have one person to do things with and spend time with. Heís spoken of travel and a bunch of other things he would like to do together.

Itís the most normal appropriate thing I think I have ever had. And itís not boring . Itís just so freakin new and something I have never ever had. There was always a huge barrier or issue with like every guy Iíve dated. Whether it be age, distance, baby mama drama, midlife crisis. Love avoidant, everything.

Havenít seen anything yet. He Hasnít shown me anything worrisome as of yet.

Iím going to remain open and aware and enjoy having an attentive sweet boyfriend who wants to spend time with me.

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